What to Do to Prove Your Vehicle Is a Lemon?

Lemon Law cases are document cases. You need to have your vehicle examined by a dealership service center or a qualified mechanic shop every time a problem occurs. You need to document the problem(s). I hear often that the dealership can’t find the problem. You should state in detail what the problem exists with the vehicle and the result of this problem. Is the vehicle quitting? Is it running hot? Is there a malfunction on the dash reading? Even if the dealership can’t fix or even find the problem, you should have the dealership document in writing. When you file the lemon law claim, you need all the paperwork indicating the complaints with the vehicle. The dealership should give you an invoice for every service it rendered onto your vehicle. You can use the vehicle at different dealerships or shops. You will just need the documents to provide the vehicle has problems.

You should also have all the time documented that the vehicle was in the repair shop. The number of days the vehicle is in the shop will affect your claim. After a certain number of days, you may have a lemon law claim. Your vehicle may have one problem that keeps reoccurring, or you may have several problems that prevent you from using your vehicle. In either situation, this law is designed to protect you. You will need the documents to provide that a problem or problems that keep occurring with the vehicle.

The purpose of a lemon law is to prevent the purchase of a vehicle that will not properly operate. You just spend a great of money on purchasing transportation. You should not be concerned with a vehicle that is not fit for proper operation. This law is to protect you, your family, and your investment. In the days of high-priced vehicles, one vehicle should not be such with a lemon.