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Those phone calls from telemarketers are more than just annoying. Under federal law, they can also be illegal. Consumers have successfully taken action against telemarketers and recovered money for law violations.

You do not just have to deal with it when telemarketers are breaking the law. You can hire an experienced Mississippi TCPA lawyer to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has been on the books for over three decades. Unwanted phone calls (on landlines) and faxes were spiraling out of control.

Fast forward to today, and the problem is even worse as technology has given telemarketers new tools to annoy consumers. Automatic telephone dialing systems with pre-recorded messages are a huge annoyance and TCPA violations.
Now, telemarketing calls can reach you where you are through calls to your cell phones and junk texts. Given the extensive reach of telemarketers, you must take decisive legal action to stop them. If you feel like you’re being harassed by unwanted calls, contact Ware Law Firm in Mississippi today for relief.

How the Telephone Consumer Protection Act Protects You From Unwanted Calls

The TCPA governs a variety of communication methods used for telemarketing, including auto-dialed calls, pre-recorded calls, text messages, and unsolicited messages to fax machines.

In addition, the TCPA authorizes the creation of the National Do-Not-Call List, which allows individuals to opt out of receiving telemarketing calls.

The TCPA prohibits the following:

  • Phone calls to residences during the night and early morning hours
  • Phone calls to homes with automated voices or recordings
  • Text messaging someone else on a wireless phone using an automatic telephone dialing system
  • Phone calls for five years after you have told the telemarketer not to contact you.

These regulations help protect consumers from unwanted and intrusive communications and ensure that telemarketers are operating in a transparent and ethical manner.

Do-Not-Call List

Telemarketers are required to maintain a do-not-call registry. As a consumer, you have the right to place your phone numbers on a national Do-Not-Call registry that telemarketers must honor. If you are on the registry, companies can only call you with written consent or if you have recently done business with them within the last 18 months. Some businesses break these rules, thinking that they can get away with it.

Fair Debt Collection Practices

Don’t let anyone tell you you deserve to be harassed by telephone solicitations because you have an outstanding loan. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act protects you from debt collectors who are downright bullies.

Have you been getting pesky prerecorded voice messages? Schedule a free consultation with a consumer protection lawyer experienced in TCPA cases to determine if you have recourse for actual damages for such calls.

Potential Penalties & Damages in a TCPA Case

The government can take enforcement action against a company that violates the provisions of the TCPA. Even more important for your purposes, the telemarketer can also be liable to you in a civil lawsuit. It does not matter whether you suffered a financial loss. By breaking the law, the telemarketer must pay.

Usually, a civil lawsuit against a telemarketer proceeds as a class action lawsuit. Suppose the telemarketer is sending pre-recorded messages via robocalls or spam texts. In that case, chances are that they are making thousands or millions of these communications.

The TCPA provides that you can recover the following in a lawsuit against the telemarketer:

  • $500 per violation of the TCPA
  • Triple damages if the defendant was found to have willfully violated the law

There are no statutory limits on damages. There have been cases where defendants have been ordered to pay or have settled cases for tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

The court will consider the realities of the situation, meaning that they may not order a defendant to pay billions of dollars if they made millions of calls. However, you could get up to $1,500 for unwanted phone calls and texts.

A Mississippi TCPA Lawyer Knows Consumer Protection Laws

If you want legal relief for these unwanted calls, contact an experienced TCPA lawyer first. Not only would you like to recover money for your inconvenience, but you would also want to stop these calls. TCPA cases can be complex and involve a lot of money.

In addition, the way that courts interpret the TCPA can change over time based on new technology.

For example, text messaging did not exist when the law was passed. It was not until 2007 that a federal court applied the law to unwanted text messages. Many of these cases can turn on volumes of evidence.

When you have a potential TCPA violation, you usually deal with a large company on the other side of the case. They have likely hired expensive lawyers to either minimize their liability or get them out of paying anything in the first place.


For a TCPA case, you need a TCPA attorney with this specialized experience to hold the defendant legally responsible.

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The Ware Law Firm is well-versed in consumer protection laws. From the Fair credit reporting act to the Consumer Protection Act, we go and beyond for you.

Consider if you may need legal assistance in any of the following practice areas:

Our clients are in good hands. Schedule your free initial consultation with us to get started.

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Ware Law Firm fights on behalf of Mississippi consumers when they have been on the receiving end of illegal business practices.

To fight back against Big Business or any business breaking the law, contact us today. It costs you nothing to schedule your free initial consultation, and you do not owe us anything unless we win your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s Face It — You Have Questions.
Can I sue a charitable organization?

Although the TCPA does not apply to a charitable organization, it must honor the Do-Not-Call registry if your name is on it.

Can anyone call me if I am not on the Do-Not-Call list?

Yes, but they are still not allowed to make robocalls. They must honor the request for five years if you have told them to stop calling you.

What if someone robocalls a business?

The TCPA applies to residential phone lines and cell phones. It is a consumer protection act.

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