Dispelling Myths About Lemon Law

An estimated 150,000 motor vehicles (1% of new cars) sold in the United States every year are lemons. A vehicle is said to be a lemon if it has repeated, unfixable problems. Typically, if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon, you may be entitled to a refund or replacement vehicle. However, with lots of misinformation and collective popular notions surrounding Mississippi lemon law cases, getting proper guidance from an experienced Mississippi consumer law attorney is crucial to ensure you get your deserved compensation.

With over 20 years of experience, Attorney Daniel Ware is committed to offering outstanding legal services and reliable representation to drivers and car owners in their lemon law cases. He is available to evaluate the circumstances surrounding your unique situation and explore your available legal options to seek fair compensation. As your legal counsel, Attorney Daniel Ware will fight compassionately to protect your rights and help pursue your rightful lemon law claims. The firm is proud to serve clients in Magee, Mississippi, and counties throughout the state, including Simpson, Smith, Jefferson Davis, Covington, and Southern Rankin counties.

What Is Lemon Law?

Lemon law is a state or federal law that provides consumers with a way to recover a remedy for a product – usually, a car – which has repeated, unfixable problems or has continually failed to meet the expected standards of performance and quality.

Mississippi lemon law was designed to obtain a resolution – replacement vehicle or refund – for new cars or lease-purchase vehicles under manufacturer’s warranty with recurring defects that cannot be repaired after a certain number of attempts.

Dispelling Common Myths

There are several collective popular opinions surrounding Mississippi lemon law cases. In most situations, many consumers are misinformed about these facts, hindering them from getting their rightful compensation. Conversely, being able to differentiate facts from myths and knowing what to expect can help make your lemon law case feel more manageable.

Here are some common myths about Mississippi lemon law cases and what makes them wrong:

Myth #1: Only safety-related issues are applicable.

Not only safety-related issues are applicable to lemon law. In Mississippi, the lemon law applies to all unfixable issues that affect the use, market value, or safety of your car. Thus, an engine, brake, transmission, or steering defect may meet the required level of defect. Likewise, persistent intermittent defects, including noxious odor, water leaks, or paint problems, may also be a defect that qualifies for relief under the lemon law.

Myth #2: Only vehicles are covered.

Though it is mostly invoked in situations involving defective cars, Mississippi lemon law actually covers several types of consumer goods and many different products covered by a warranty.

Myth #3: If the warranty has expired, you don’t qualify.

This is not necessarily the case. If you carried out the repairs for the defect or issue during the warranty period, your car still qualifies as a lemon. You may still be eligible to recover compensation.

Myth #4: The car still works, so you don’t qualify.

Your car will qualify as a lemon if you cannot fix the problem after a reasonable number of repair attempts – usually three or more attempts in Mississippi. Hence, even if the car continues working despite the non-conformity, it may still qualify as a lemon.

Myth #5: Before you can take legal action, you must have taken the vehicle in for at least five or more repairs.

In Mississippi, you can invoke lemon law if:

  • The same defect is not repaired after three or more attempts, or
  • The vehicle has been out of service for a total of 15 working days since the consumer received the car.

Myth #6: Leased cars are not covered by lemon law.

Mississippi lemon law applies to lease-purchase vehicles, provided that the manufacturer’s warranty was issued as a condition of the sale. Hence, if you leased your new car, lemon laws will still apply.

Myth #7: You don’t need a lawyer.

Lemon law is characterized by different shades of meaning, and every case is unique. Therefore, when involved in a lemon law case or dispute, it is important that you retain an experienced lemon law attorney to review your case, explore your possible legal options, and help you pursue your rightful compensation.

Let Ware Law Firm, PLLC Help

A recurring, unfixable problem with your vehicle will have a significant effect on a car’s usage, safety, and value. However, taking advantage of lemon laws in Mississippi requires understanding what qualifies as a lemon and how you can get a refund or replacement car from the vehicle’s manufacturer. A knowledgeable attorney can evaluate your unique situation and determine whether you have a viable lemon law case.

Attorney Daniel Ware has the experience and resources to assist and guide clients in lemon law-related matters. Using his extensive legal understanding of the Mississippi lemon laws pertaining to consumers and lease-purchase vehicles, Attorney Daniel Ware can guide you through the complexities involved in the legal process. He will fight compassionately on your behalf to protect your interests and attempt to get you the best possible deal – a replacement car or a full refund.

If your car repeatedly breaks down and meets the lemon law requirements for Mississippi, call Ware Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule a simple consultation with an experienced lemon law attorney. Attorney Daniel Ware can offer you the detailed legal counsel, advocacy, and strong representation you need. The firm is proud to serve clients in Magee, Mississippi, and counties throughout the state, including Simpson, Smith, Jefferson Davis, Covington, and Southern Rankin counties.

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