What Lawyers Really Do

So this is where I am suppose to tell all you folks about my million dollar settlement this week. Well I don’t have that story. Instead I am going to tell you about the guy who walked off the street into my office asking for help. He has some health conditions that prevented him from work. He was 55 years of age. He needed some medical help but no money to pay.

He was lost and was living in a small house someone he knew let him move into. He had some disability papers he needed help filling out. He could not read. So I took an hour and helped him fill out the papers. He called my office several more times. Honestly, I did not return the call. He asked the same questions over and over. I think I was the only one that would talk to him. I made a phone call for him when he was in my office to the Medicaid office.I don’t think he knew how.

That was several months ago. He called today to thank me that he has gotten on SSI. He will be getting a check and some insurance. He actually said thank you. He offered to take me to lunch. So i don’t have a million dollar story just a guy who is getting a little help every month so he can live. So for those who think lawyers are all about themselves, I have at least one person in person American that might disagree. This is what lawyers can do.