Violation of Consumer Rights

What Are My Options if My Consumer Rights Were Violated?

As a Mississippi consumer, you put your trust in companies every day. When you swipe your credit card, drive a new car off the lot, or sign up for a loan, you expect fair practices and quality products.

But sometimes, businesses take advantage through bait-and-switch schemes, hidden fees, faulty merchandise, fraud, and more. These unlawful practices seem designed to maximize profits at your expense.

When this happens, you may feel powerless – but understanding your legal options can help tip the scales back in your favor. If you feel your consumer rights have been violated, contact Ware Law Firm to discuss your options.

Key Mississippi Consumer Protection Laws

Mississippi upholds various federal and state consumer rights laws to regulate fair business practices.

Key examples include:

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA): Governs credit bureaus and agencies that provide your credit reports and scores. Prohibits inaccurate, unverified, or outdated negative marks that harm your creditworthiness.
  • Identity Theft Laws: Make opening unauthorized accounts or misusing personal information illegal. Enable victims to clear negative, fraudulent entries from credit reports.
  • Lemon Laws: Protect against chronically defective new vehicles that require excessive repairs during the warranty. Can provide a replacement vehicle or refund.
  • Dealership Sales and Service Laws: Require dealers to honor vehicle warranties and limit improper charges for repairs and services.

Unfortunately, companies sometimes skirt the lines of these laws, inaccurately representing products, invading privacy, or deceiving consumers without technically “breaking” the rules. When violations do occur, thorough investigation and assertive legal advocacy are key to reaching a positive outcome.

Consumer Violations We Commonly See

In our experience spearheading consumer lawsuits against major banks, credit agencies, automakers, and more, several concerning themes emerge.

Here are a few typical violations Mississippi residents face:

Credit Bureaus Mishandling Dispute Investigations

Up to 79% of credit reports contain errors. When you dispute inaccuracies with credit bureaus like Experian and TransUnion, they often conduct superficial reviews before rejecting your claim. These “verified” errors can devastate your ability to qualify for loans or reasonably priced mortgages.

Businesses Failing to Safeguard Private Data

Banks, retailers, and other merchants that collect your personal information have a duty to protect it from theft and misuse. But far too often, weak cybersecurity and careless practices pave the way for identity thieves to open fraudulent accounts or make unauthorized purchases in your name.

Dealerships Evading Vehicle Warranty Coverage

The 100,000+ mile powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranties from automakers sound reassuring. Yet, some dealers employ unethical tactics like refusing covered repairs, blaming unrelated issues on the owner, adding unnecessary service fees, or voiding policies over mundane oversights in paperwork. These actions often cross legal boundaries.

Manufacturers Denying Valid Lemon Law Claims

By law, vehicles requiring over 30 days in the shop for repairs in the first 24 months should qualify for a buyback or replacement under lemon laws. Still, automakers often pressure uninformed consumers to accept less compensation or get stuck in cycles of inadequate service visits and repairs.

In many cases, companies count on the hassle and complexity of legal action deterring mistreated consumers from asserting their rights. The good news? Significant precedent exists for consumers receiving justice – when backed by determined legal representation.

Pursuing Compensation and Stopping Unlawful Practices

If you face credit report errors dragging down your financial opportunities, identity theft destroying your security, a defective vehicle failing despite countless repairs, or mistreatment related to other consumer rights, we advocate for your best interests.

Through personalized representation centered around your needs and objectives, we can pursue maximum compensation through:

  • Negotiating settlements with at-fault parties
  • Filing civil lawsuits and winning judgments
  • Initiating class action cases when large groups face similar violations

Equally as important, asserting your rights can impose consequences compelling positive change. When companies realize they cannot keep profiting through unlawful practices, they understand the need to reform policies, improve products, and treat customers more fairly. Your voice and actions can transform business conduct to prevent other consumers from enduring future harm.

Know Your Rights When Consumer Protection Falls Short

Having major consumer rights violations jeopardize your finances, credit access, transportation, identity security, and more can be immensely discouraging. However, substantial legal options exist to regain what you lost – and spur systemic improvement.

Ware Law Firm has been defending victims of consumer wrongdoings since 1998. Call or schedule a case review. Let Ware Law provide details on your options during a free case review – no obligations. Reach out today to start mapping out the ideal path for your situation.

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