Lemon Law Claims

In Mississippi, as with other states, we have lemon law protection laws. This is called the warranty enforcement acts. It covers a variety of cover items to include automobiles, four-wheelers, RVs, boats, motorcycles, tractors and other items that you may purchase and use as a consumer. The purpose of these laws is to protect your investment when you have a reoccurring problem with one of these items.

When you have a defective product or a lemon as they say, the important issue in these cases is documentation. You need to document that you have taken the items to the dealership for repairs, and it cannot be properly repaired. In Mississippi, you must have the same issue examined at least three times or you do not have use of the item for 15 days. So let’s say your motor vehicle’s transmission is not properly working. You need to take the vehicle to the repair shop at least three times in an attempt to repair the transmission. This must be the same problem. If it cannot be repaired, you have a right to request the manufacturer to repurchase the item or offer a cash offer to you for your problems. There is a meditation possibility for these problems. The manufacturer is entitled to 20 cents per mile that you have driven the vehicle for buyback. They will be entitled to compute the mileage of the buyback price. Also, there is a fee-shifting provision for the manufacturer to pay your attorney fees. Depending on the problem with the vehicle dictates the value of the claim. A problem with a radio does not meet the value of the transmission. Also, you could have a vehicle that has multiple problems.

In this state, this law only applies to new vehicles. These claims occur more often than one would think. Also, there are usually recalls on many vehicles. If you have problems with any of these items, remember to document it and document it. The repair history is what makes these cases.

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