Do you know exactly what’s on your credit report?

Many people come into my office asking about a credit problem they’re having. They often say there’s something on their credit report that doesn’t belong to them and they wonder what should they do…

Unfortunately, people often don’t even realize there’s an issue with their credit report until they’ve faced an issue getting a mortgage, car loan, or line of credit. Once they’re denied credit or they don’t get the interest rate they wanted, they check their credit report through Annual and see a big problem they weren’t aware of. If you need help with fraudulent activity or incorrect financial information on your credit report, contact a Mississippi credit reporting lawyer that can work to fix it.

Getting Your Report with Annual

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) of 1970, you have the right to find out exactly what’s on your credit history. In fact, you can get a copy of your free credit report every year and additional copies throughout the year available with a fee. At Ware Law Firm, we advise that everyone go to Annual at least once every year to get their yearly free credit report from major credit reporting agencies. This website allows you to access the reports from all three credit reporting agencies all at once using your social security number and other personal information. You can even download and save each of the three reports once per year – for free.

The reports don’t give you your credit scores, but you can review your credit accounts and your financial information, including any new account, late payments, and suspicious activity. Make sure everything on there is correct!

Common Issues with Credit Reports

There are a lot of things that could go wrong with your credit report. Some of them are malicious, meaning you’ve been the target of some type of fraudulent activity, and some of the things that could go wrong have to do with human errors.

Some of the most common issues found on individual credit reports include:

  • Debt is still listed that was paid off
  • The balance of your debt is incorrect
  • Payment history is inaccurate
  • Negative information is listed that doesn’t belong to you at all

These issues can come up for a variety of different reasons, including human errors due to your name being common (i.e., “John Smith”) or your social security number being one digit off from someone else’s. Credit reporting can also be incorrect due to acts of fraud – like identity theft.

What To Do When You Find Incorrect Negative Information on Your Free Credit Reports

When you’re facing issues with errors on your credit report, it’s important to dispute them right away with the credit reporting company whose report you found the error on. They are responsible for completing a timely investigation and informing you of their findings. If you’re unsuccessful at fixing your credit report through this route, you can contact the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) and file a complaint. Many times, however, disputes are ignored or rejected and legal action is needed to correct the issue and possibly even get compensation for the loss that the error caused. This is where an experienced Fair Credit Reporting Act Lawyer can be a great resource.

A Note on Credit Monitoring Services

Once someone’s dealt with a big credit report issue – particularly with identity theft – it’s wise to sign up for credit monitoring services to avoid any additional issues in the future. There are some companies that offer initially free credit monitoring, but eventually, charge a monthly fee down the road.

Trusted Mississippi Credit Reporting Lawyer

If you’re concerned about suspicious or incorrect credit report negative information and you’re getting nowhere with the credit reporting agencies, Ware Law Firm is here for you. We’ve helped many people pursue claims and fix their credit reports so that their good name is restored and they’re compensated for their losses. Our law office has even helped

Contact us for a case review and get on the road toward fixing your credit issues.

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